Big Flakes

Hailing from the salt-crusted shores of Vancouver Island,  Big Flakes bring frenetic hard rocking energy to everything they do. Playing a blend of hard rock/alt metal, riff based goodness, they are known for melodic, catchy vocal hooks and fiery live performances. With influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Death From Above, Black Sabbath, 90’s Thrash and a smidge of classic rock, Big Flakes create a unique sound that is 100% rock and roll.

Big Flakes released their first single Animal in August 2018, with musician and producer extraordinaire Josh Szczepanowski (PIGS, Men Against the Sea, The Temps, Battersea Music Ltd) at the helm.  Recorded on an extremely hot summer day at Summer Deer studio, this track captures the dirty, sweaty rock and roll that is at the core of our sound.

We have just finished our debut Self Titled EP with Gage Patenaude and Dylan Parr at Blue Bridge Sounds doing the recording, mixing and producing, and mastering done by Malcom Owen-Flood at Stone Mastering. The culmination of 2+ years of work, incorporating some of our first songs as well as new ones, we are immensely proud of the driven, rich, hard rocking sound we have created with this record.

Jonny Leblanc

Vocals and Bass

Jonny leads the group with his soulful catchy vocals and lyrics about life that resonate. He is great at bringing just a smidge of pop influence to our writing, which helps our songs be heavy and catchy at the same time. He uses an unconventional bass set up, running two amps through different signal paths to achieve an incredibly rich and full heavy bass tone, and a melodic style of playing which is at the core of our songs.

Dave Greig


Dave brings the heavy to the band by providing blazing, thrashy, distorted guitar melodies, riffs, and leads.  Dave loves to create riffs inspired by a deep love of Metal that combine heavy and melody to get your head nodding. Obsessed with everything gear, Dave keeps all our stuff running, and is constantly finding new toys and tools to expand our sound.  Also “the organized one”, Dave does most of planning and makes sure we have fun things like a website and a jam space 🙂

Gord Smith


Gord is our rhythm machine, generating powerful grooves to push us into overdrive.  Gord is a master at finding “that part” that ties riffs together and makes things really click.  Having played music together for more than 10 years, Gord and Dave bring a tightness to our tunes and helps us lock into the feel of our songs.

Credits and Thanks

We have been lucky enough to work with some incredible people, far to many to name them all, but specifically give credit to: